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12 Genius Things Your Kitchen Sink Needs

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Limited on cooking space? No problem. All of these genius products are designed to serve multiple purposes, save countertop space or just make your kitchen more streamlined and efficient in general. #1 – Paper Towel Roll Holder The paper towel holders that sit on your countertop are convenient, but

How to cut glass (very easy at home)

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Materials you’ll need: yarn, glass bowl, matches, nail polish remover and glass bottles. #Step 1 (of 8) “measure yarn and bottle, triple the yarn the tie knots on each end” #Step 2 (of 8) “soak string in nail polish remover” #Step 3 (of 8) “after you soak it tie

Cute DIY Ideas you can do with Paint Sticks

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Easy Paint Stick Craft Projects Paint stir sticks were originally created to mix paint in their buckets. But, they have a secret life in the DIY world, masquerading as a tool that can be used to make all sorts of unique crafts! Stain a few sticks with wood